Recycle Bingo

Mobile Development

Project Info:

I teamed up with the guys over at dJomba* to create this new awesome app.

It’s main goal is to raise awareness on the importance of recycling our daily garbage. We acomplish that by gamifyng the process of “taking out the trash”. When you go deposit in your neighbourhood’s bin you simply check in with your app and you’re already winning. You can then exchange your hard earned eco friendly points for several prizes.

On the technical side of things the app was developed using Xamarin. By now we felt that this solution had grown to the reliability and maturity we wanted and also our know-how had grown since the previous app we developed. On the server side we rely on Laravel to manage our stack. We’re also running the very first iteration of our gamification engine.

So far the app has received excellent feedback with already 5000+ downloads.

Why not try it for yourself. Its available on both Android and iOS versions.

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