These are my latest projects

I teamed up with the guys over at dJomba* to create Recycle Bingo, an app that aims to raise awareness on the importance of recycling our daily garbage. We acomplish that by gamifyng the process of “taking out the trash”. When you go deposit in your neighbourhood’s bin you simply check in with your app and you’re already winning. You can then exchange your hard earned eco friendly points for several prizes.

The app was built using Xamarin, the .NET mobile cross developing platform and for the server side we’re using Laravel.

So far the app has received excellent feedback, with already 5000+ downloads. It’s avaiable for both Android and iOS phones.
Check the project page to know more and download.

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Out to Lunch Trips is a company whose objective is to enjoy Portuguese culture and appreciate the knowledge linked to regional gastronomy.

To promote this business I was asked to develop a simple landing page that could showcase the different routes available as well as the business concept.

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-Brand- Mobile App

This mobile app was born to raise awareness to the drinking problem and to promote the image of a beverage company.

I was asked to develop both an Android and iOS app that, through a series of questions, would calculate the blood alcohol rate and warn the user if it would safe for him to drive at that point.

My choice in technology was Xamarin, a product recently acquired and made open-source by Microsoft. This platform alows to build native apps with native interfaces where developers can re-use their existing C# code, and share significant code across the different device platforms.

About 85% of the app’s code is shared between the Android and iOS version while the rest are specific implementations of user interface components.

The final result was a success but since that company hasn’t decided to released the app to the stores I cannot yet show the final product.

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AllGo is a case study built around the vision of a Portuguese tourism entrepreneur. 

This web app’s purpose is to manage real estate and all that is inherent to it from the tourism perspective.

It was developed using .NET’s Entity Framework built around a SQL server database.

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This e-commerce website was created for a Macau based company specialised in importing Portuguese wine related products.

The project was developed from a custom template using the Wordpress platform and the e-commerce ‘WooCommerce’ plugin.

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This website was created to showcase a Portuguese graphical artist’s work.

Jaime Rydel has work that varies from creative development, printed media, visual profiling, to visual installations.

The site was created in wordpress with a custom theme of his own creation.

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This website was created to showcase Portuguese architect’s portfolio.

Pedro Correia executes and offers architecture services for housing, hotel business, rehabilitation and tactical urbanism.

The website was built using Wordpress.

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This management app was born due to the need of managing my group of friends weekly soccer games.

There is also a ranking system in place, measured through victories, goals and assists.

The site is built using cakePHP with a MySql database. There are also some JavaScript graph libraries used to render player statistics.

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This website was created for a Portuguese wine company.

It was developed in Adobe Flex (ActionScript 3.0) and features a not so standard navigation scheme: the different sections of the side open and fold horizontally.

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Website created for a wine company whose essential element is the recovery of BAIRRADA’s traditional grape varieties and the production of authentic DOC BAIRRADA wines.

The site was developed using Adobe Flex.

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